R.I.P. The Bean, my first car-love </3

(mine from March 2015 - April 2018)

1979 VW Rabbit (luxury) Diesel, manual trans, converted to 5 speed. Deceptive seafoam green color that some people called blue. Forest green leather interior with forest green carpet, faux wooden dashboard. Two door, no AC, no tachometer, 3 ashtrays, hatchback, surfrack. Glove compartment with mittens in it. No heat.. Seatbelts that only went across torso- no lap belt, “automatic” meaning you can get out of the car without removing seatbelt. Much rust, water leaks in - no driving during rain or with chance of rain. No airbags, analog clock that tick tocks audibly, beautiful sound system with remote control. LOUD engine. Attracts boys. 1st and 3rd gear extremely close together. Can fit a 6ft painting inside. Light enough to push solo. Vin # confusing for insurance agents.

I had to sell my beloved VW Rabbit in April, 2018. She had a lot of rust and the cost of repairs became too heavy of a financial burden for one starving artist fresh out of undergrad. The car was no longer running when I sold it - I asked the buyer (a Rabbit mechanic) if he would give me a down payment, plus a week to make engine drawings before he had it towed away. I call these engine studies Post-Mortem, because for me the car was “dead”, and I was grieving.

19.75” x 25.5”  chalk pastel on colored paper&nbsp;  (sold)

19.75” x 25.5”

chalk pastel on colored paper 


19.75” x 25.5”  chalk pastel and charcoal on paper&nbsp;  (sold)

19.75” x 25.5”

chalk pastel and charcoal on paper