Playlist and Cover Art for All In A Week Collective

All In A Week Collective (@AIW_Collective) invites a new artist to share what they have been listening to this week and make cover art for their playlist.

The playlist is about how falling in and out of love makes one go mad, which is why I reference Van Gogh in my imagery. I made these images with chalk pastels on colored paper and InDesign. After making the playlist and artwork, I also wrote a poem.

Listen to the playlist on Spotify:

Cover Art for ‘Water EP’ by Andris Mattson (AKA Wildflower)

I wanted to create an image that would encompass the drippy, synth-based soundscapes of the EP, together with Andris' love of hiking and his concerns about the environment, specifically the drought in California.

I created this image with paint on canvas, hand lettering, pressed native wildflowers + seeds, a piece of glass, photography, and Photoshop.

You can listen to the album here:

Water EP_Cover1.5_monitorRGB.jpg